We Are Opulead
Data protection specialists

Opulead recognises that understanding and evidencing compliance with data protection standards can be daunting. We offer pragmatic support in planning the right strategic path for your business.


We Are Opulead
Data hygiene experts

Opulead provides market leading email address validation tooling utilising infrastructure based in Germany to avoid any data transfer outside of the EU. We de-risk unnecessary transfer to third countries.


We Are Opulead
Data Strategists

Opulead delivers best practice customer acquisition support working with you to find the best prospects across the most appropriate direct marketing channels.


We Are Opulead

Opulead is passionate about delivering success for our clients. If you want to work with an organisation that doesn’t just pay lip service to its promises to support you, get in touch. We’re more than a safe pair of hands.

We Are Opulead
About Us

We are a specialised team of consultants that have worked for over 20 years for businesses dependent on the effective and compliant use of data and information.

Data Protection & Privacy
Can you make us GDPR compliant?

We can provide guidance and support in creating an approach to processing data that is appropriate for your business. There is no silver bullet or single out of the box solution, but we can develop a path towards alignment with fundamental data protection principles that is right for you.

Technology Consulting
Are you a technology provider?

Whilst we have developed our own email validation tooling that enables email data quality to be addressed, our other services are by no means exclusively technically led. Our technical consultants will only recommend those solutions that serve to sensibly address your specific needs.

What sectors do you support?

We support businesses of all sizes, in particular the demands of the SME. Our consultants have a wealth of experience across a range of verticals including pharma, publishing, media and marketing services, travel, insurance and digital enterprises.

Helping Our Clients
How do you work?

We make no assumptions. We start at the very beginning identifying gaps and playing back the discovery process outcomes. From there you decide if you wish us to realise any recommendations, handle any deliverables internally, or even use alternative resource.

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results


Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.


The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do


Data Privacy & Compliance Consultancy

The GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018 bring elevated responsibilities on all business to safeguard personal data and account for processing operations. Our consultants will help navigate an appropriate path to evidence compliance.

Current state assessment
Benchmarking capability

Developing an accurate view of the ‘as-is’ compliance position is a key step towards developing the right series for treatments for any gaps identified. We will work with you to benchmark your current status, particularly in the context of GDPR and DPA 2018 alignment.

Data mapping & security
Identifying risk and safeguarding

We will undertake a comprehensive review of data flow into and out of the business capturing processing points and analysing safeguarding procedures. Furthermore, we can evaluate the technical infrastructure in play and test resilience to cyber threats.

Roadmap development
Project prioritisation

Defining what needs doing and the most appropriate and realistic steps to take can be confusing. All businesses are different with unique demands and challenges. We’ll develop a clear, relevant and manageable plan.

Project execution
Future state attainment

If support is required in executing the compliance roadmap we can help. Our consultants offer practical data privacy ‘know how’ developing key policies, processes and procedures as well as DPO capability if needed.

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Email Data Quality Management

Our proprietary email validation tooling List Genie serves to enable the maintenance of email data quality mitigating the impact of poor quality data on delivery rates ultimately contributing to elevated campaign engagement rates.

EU based
De-risking data transfers

List Genie is EU based and no third country transfer is ever required. Data transfer outside of the EU requires appropriate safeguards in place from those countries data is transferred to. Established safeguards are under serious threat so do not transfer data if it can be avoided.

Real time API
Live validation

Ensuring optimum email data quality at the point of collection ensures the conversation can be maintained at it most sensitive stage. Don’t lose out on prospect conversion and waste budget by collecting records that lack any utility.

Batch Processing
Data housekeeping

GDPR demands data accuracy, and your customer or prospect database could degrade by as much as 5% per year. Keep on top of it by regularly screening it for undeliverable and inaccurate records and ensure your delivery reputation is maintained.

Feature rich
Intelligent design

List Genie is configured to seamlessly integrate with your delivery and database tooling. Easy to set up and use List Genie offers a smart compliance focused solution for those looking to address data management best practice.

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Database Marketing Strategy

With a strong background in the application of online and offline direct marketing techniques we understand the important role that data has to play. Transparency is key , and customer and prospect expectation management must be kept to the fore.

Lead generation
Growing your business

We distil customer acquisition down to its very essence. Based on what your prospects look like and where they might be found we develop programmes capturing their consent to hear from you and the conversion programmes that turn them into customers.

Affiliate & partner marketing
No business is an island

We recognise that much can be achieved by developing bespoke solutions based on effective brand collaborations. We identify partners with strong synergy to your business who will collaborate with you and support effective promotion of your proposition.

List planning
Strategic list rental activity

There are few organisations that understand as much as we do about planning and sourcing quality list rental data for one to one online and offline campaigns and where email is the proposed channel we’ll only ever recommend a hosted model. We offer creative and thorough planning support.

Social & Search
Enhanced audience reach

Our aim is to help you leverage digital reach whether through prospect search activity or engagement with social platforms. We’ll develop the campaign plan and manage its execution within budget and in line with response rate and conversion tolerance.

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What Clients
Say About Us

Opulead are the ideal partner for clear, strategic and informed thinking for both acquiring and retaining your customers.
And alongside, professional and straightforward advise, a pleasure to work with.

Tim Cole - All Boxed Up Media

What Clients
Say About Us

Ranjit and his team at Opulead have always come up with new, fresh and innovative ideas for our clients digital plans.
Whether it is targeting the 45+ Grey audience or running activity focused at other audiences we can always rely on Opulead to come up trumps.
Look forward to working with Ranjit and his team again

Maria Payne, Head of Travel - Accord Marketing Ltd

What Clients
Say About Us

It has always been a pleasure to work with Opulead. Their efficacy and promptness of service, and strong network and industry connections make working with them extremely smooth and pleasant. They have always understood our requirements well and presented us with the most effective solutions. We would strongly recommend Opulead for their lead generation, data management and acquisition services.

Pradeep Kumar - Watermelon Communications

Don’t wait on ceremony. Get in touch and learn more about what we can do for your brand… Contact us

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